PRUmultiple crisis cover. Critical illnesses claims of up to 3 times

PRUmultiple crisis cover

PRUmultiple crisis cover is a term plan that recognizes the need for enhanced protection and peace of mind. This plan not only covers you against death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), it also protects you against a wide range of critical illnesses and allows you to make MULTIPLE critical illness and cancer claims.

Example your Sum Assured RM200K for Critical Illness (List of Critical Illness click here)

First illness – Kidney Failure , you will received RM200K

Afterward if you have Chronic Lung Disease, you will received another RM200K

Then if you have Cancer, you will received another RM200K

Total compensation = RM600K

But the premiums are calculated based on RM200K Sum Assured, not RM600K. Hence, you receive the greatest protection with burn a hole in your pocket.

*Subject to T&C

Please download full info about PRUmultiple crisis cover


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