PRUmy child. Coming Soon. Insurance for baby

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PRUmy child provides you a peace of mind knowing that all you hopes, wishes, and dreams for your child are well secured. It gives you:

# First-of-its-kind plan that offer cover during pregnancy and infancy period
# A complete protection for every stage of your childs life even before birth
# Provides additional protection for parent to ensure child will continue to enjoy uninterrupted protection and benefits should unfortunate event happen to the parent.
# Plant a seed towards secure education fund for your child

*coming soon

To request the brochure, please click → Leave a Comment below and state your request


11 responses to “PRUmy child. Coming Soon. Insurance for baby

  1. email aku plan..

    kalau protection(medical card lebih sikit) n education plan premium dalam rm100 ada?

  2. saye nk brochure klu baby dh lahir bleh ke?umur baby sy skarg 2bln..priority utk medcard je la…

  3. hi very kin on this insurans plan for my baby to come , my wife due in July ,please mail me the plan .

  4. tolong email saya juga, thanks.

  5. boleh emailkan saya brosur medical card plan for baby tak…anak saya dah nak masuk 2 bulan, cover kan?

  6. Hi, my baby is at her 4th month now. Can you email me the plan. I’m interested in her health and education plan. Does that includes in the PruMy child plan?

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