Prudential PRU my child plan

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PRUmy child plan

In planning for your child’s  future, it’s best to start early. Along with standard lifetime protection, PRUmy child provides a growing education fund with guaranteed payouts and potential higher return to meet future educational expenses. Best of all, expecting parents will take heart in a new and unique cover aimed specially at protecting your precious fetus – the first plan in Malaysia to do so

PRUmy child benefits :

Complete protection – Beginning from before birth to adulthood.

Secure education fund – Guaranteed payouts for higher studies.

Health protection – Coverage for specific child illnesses.

Parent protection – Protect your child by protecting yourself.

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10 responses to “Prudential PRU my child plan

  1. Please send me a brochure and provide more info on this insurance. What are the packages available? thanks

    • zetamiprudential


      I’ve sent you before the info. You want to sign up PRUmychild for before birth or after birth?

  2. Mohd Afiz Md Kassim

    What are the plans available for my little daugter (3m plus)??

    Do u have any plan to cover myself, my wife and my daughter?!

    Can u explain about Prudential Takaful BSN??


    what is the best plan for my daughter currently 2 weeks old… can prudential medical insurance cover the expenses for immunization schedule visit?

    • zetamiprudential

      Best plan is PRUmychild.

      NO. Medical card only covers hospitalization. No insurance pay immunization expenses.

  4. my son 2.5 years old.had skin looking for medical insurance only .
    1-which insurance suit for him?
    2-is the insurance cover for the skin illness?
    pls help me.tq

    • zetamiprudential

      What type of skin problem?

      The insurance never cover existing illnesses. Not only Prudential. All insurance.

  5. i am vr much interested to buy health insurance which includes medical card for my parents (who is 52 and 57 years old),myself (i’m 25) and my child who is now 2 years far we don’t hv any known medical illnesses.what plan is most suitable for us?thanks.

    • zetamiprudential

      for your parents the most suitable plan is PRUsenior med, for you is PRUlink One + PRUhealth Medical Card, your child PRUmychild + PRUhealth Medical Card. Please do call me at 012 2234676, we set appointment and I explain to you.

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