Thanks a Billion, Prudential Malaysia! Thanks to my clients

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8 responses to “Thanks a Billion, Prudential Malaysia! Thanks to my clients

  1. Salam. Im single mother, n my son is 2yrs++.. i would like to have a medical card from prudential.. how much do i have to pay for both of us?
    If i pay u up right now.. Is the medical card can be use straight away or do i need to wait? (When can i get medical card?)
    Pls reply asap.. Thanks.

  2. I received a phone call regarding your insurance plan. i.e. If we admit hospital, you will pay us back RM 300 per day by paying you RM 45 every month. If I think this plan is not suitable for me, but it is suitable for my husband & I am willing to pay & cover for him, is it possible ?


  3. Hi
    iam looking

    for medical caverage insurans

    • zetamiprudential

      Hi Mr. Siva, as per our previous telephone conversation..can you email to me your relative’s fullname, birthdate, occupation and smoking status so that I can calculate for your relative his/her quotation so that you can see the plan more clearer. thanks.

  4. I am looking for medical card for my parents, Whats the cheapest price and benefit. Pls quote for me. My dad is around 62 and mum around 54. Looking foward to hear from you.

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