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PruBSN Impian Plan Perlindungan Takaful terbaik untuk anak anda seawal dari usia kandungan

Anak adalah anugerah yang tidak ternilai hadiah dari tuhan. Jadi sebagai seorang ibu/bapa, menyediakan yang terbaik untuk anak anda adalah menjadi suatu keutamaan paling utama di dalam hidup.

Sudah pasti anda akan melakukan apa sahaja untuk memastikan anak anda sihat dan ceria. Memenuhi impian dan aspirasi anak anda serta memastikan mereka memiliki asas yang teguh untuk menempuhi kehidupan dengan PruBSN Impian, satu pakej perlindungan yang disertakan dengan rider pranatal, penyakit kritikal, perubatan, kemalangan dan contributor.

PruBSN Impian merupakan penyelesaian perlindungan takaful dan simpanan yang komprehensif demi memenuhi keperluan perlindungan dan masa depan anak anda.

Oleh itu, anda sebagai ibu/bapa akan senantiasa menjadi pelindung, penyokong dan juga mengispirasi anak anda untuk bercita-cita tinggi.

Melalui pakej ini, anda dapat menyokong impian anak anda apabila mereka mencapai umur 19 tahun dengan wang yang anda peruntukkan untuk pelaburan. Ibu/bapa juga berpeluang melalui plan takaful ini untuk melindungi anak anda seawal usia 14 minggu kehamilan dan melindungi diri anda sebagai ibu apabila berlaku komplikasi kehamilan. Pakej ini juga adalah suatu pakej yang komprehensif dan berpatutan yang memberikan anda ketenangan fikiran untuk memenuhi keperluan anak anda.

Jangan tunggu lagi, niat yang baik hendaklah di laksanakan dengan segera mugkin.

Penerangan lanjut mengenai pakej komprehensif ini boleh didapati melalui whatsapp/telegram melalui nombor telefon yang tertera dibawah:

Amirol Ariff – 012 223 4676 (amirolariff@gmail.com)

Zetty Zahrina – 012 273 6836 (zetty.zahar@gmail.com)

PruBsn Impian Pelan Perlindungan takaful terbaik untuk anak seawal 14 minggu kandungan

All about PRUmy child. Health insurance start from pregnancy.

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What is PRUmy child?

PRUmy child is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that serves to fulfill
the protection needs of you and your child, allowing you to plan ahead for their
future… today.

What are the benefits available in this plan?

For the child
Should the unfortunate happen to your child, such as death, the benefit payable is the:
• Sum assured & total value of units in the account1
Should your child suffer from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD):
(a) before the age of 16 years, the maximum sum assured is payable (subject to RM500,000 per life); or
(b) after age 16 years but prior to age 70, the maximum sum assured is payable (subject to a total of RM4 million per life)
In the event of TPD, the sum assured is payable subject to a maximum lump sum of RM1 million upon claim. The balance of the sum assured will be paid upon the first anniversary of the TPD. Upon earlier death, the balance of any sum assured will be paid immediately.

Upon maturity of plan
Value of all units in the account is payable when your child reaches the age of 100
years on their next birthday.

Upon surrender
Value of units in the account at the point of surrender.

For a pregnant mother
It’s never too early to start protection with PRUearly start or PRUbest start benefit that offers Child Care Benefit and Pregnancy Care Benefit for pregnant mothers and their unborn child.
Please refer to the PRUearly start / PRUbest start Leaflet for further details

Who can take up the PRUmy child plan?

You can take up this plan for your unborn child as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy, or for your child who is between 1 – 18 years of age on his / her next birthday. The parent, who must be between 18 – 60 years old, owns the policy and is able to adapt it as they see fit for the benefit of the child.

How long do I need to pay premiums for?

Premium is payable throughout the whole policy term until the expiry of the policy. Upon expiry of any optional or add-on benefits, the premiums will be reduced accordingly.

How can I enhance the coverage of the PRUmy child plan?

With additional premium, you can extend the PRUmy child plan beyond the ordinary by attaching any of the following optional / add-on cover that will insure your child and loved ones against unexpected events:

Critical Illness Cover
Takes care of your child in the event they are diagnosed with critical illness, including  child-specific illnesses under the new PRUessential child1 rider that covers them up to the age of 25 years next birthday.

Payor Cover
Pays for your plan in the event of death (if applicable), TPD before age 70 or critical illness.

Accident Cover
Comprehensive coverage for injuries due to accident.

Health and Medical Cover (PRUhealth)
Takes care of major medical bills in the event that your child needs surgery or outpatient treatment and if he or she is hospitalised.

How do I start building my child’s education fund?

You can attach either PRUsaver kid or PRUedusaver where the premiums will be invested in our series of PRUlink or PRUlink education funds.

Is PRUmy child eligible for tax relief?

During childhood

As a parent, you should be entitled to education tax relief on premiums paid for PRUedusaver, PRUsaver
kid or Parent Payor. Furthermore, premiums paid for PRUfamily income, PRUfamily double income and PRUessential child may also qualify for tax relief.

During adulthood (Above age 25 at next birthday)

Your child will be entitled to life / medical tax relief upontransfer of ownership.

Prudential Insurance Malaysia. Always Listening Always Understanding. TV Commercial

New TV Commercial by Prudential.

Always Listening Always Understanding

Do you need help on Prudential Insurance services?

If you lost your agent or you bought insurance policy direct from the bank , and didnt know where to get assistance on Prudential Insurance related matter. You may contact me, I will help as much as I can.

Do you need Prudential’s claim form?

How to do Death or Critical Illness claim?

How to change mailing address?

How to change nomination of your policy benefits?

How to do income tax relief from your Life and Medical Insurance?

How to check status on my policy?

How to upgrade my protection?

Contact us now by email : amirolariff@gmail.com/zetty.zahar@gmail.com

PRUsenior med. Low cost medical card plan for senior

PRUsenior med for age 45 up to 70 years old

Affordable premiums start from RM3000 yearly.

Medical benefits wit limit of RM225,000 lifetime including outpatient treatment.

Please contact me for brochures.

MM2H – Malaysia My Second Home Programme (Insurance Agent)

In 2002, the Malaysian Government introduced a new programme replacing “the Silver Hair Programme ” to encourage foreigners to come and live in Malaysia. This allowed foreigners to purchase a home and live in the country. Upon approval, an applicant is granted a 10-year stay, which renewable. Visa holders under this programme  are permitted to work in the country except in very special circumstances where the person possess unique skills. Visa holders are allowed to invest in the country as long as it does not involve full time paid employment. They are also permitted to do charity work provided they inform the Immigration Department. Citizens of Israel, Montenegro and Yugoslavia are not permitted to apply under this programme.


An applicant must possess a valid medical insurance policy from any insurance company that is valid in Malaysia, together with a medical report from any recognized medical institution.

Prudential been in Malaysia since 1924 with strong financial profile. Please contact me if you interested to apply Prudential Health & Medical Insurance for your MM2H submission requirement. Please email me for more info.

We have two package which is PRUhealth and PRUsenior med (cheaper premiums)

Signing up process can be done via email without you have to come over to Malaysia just for insurance sign up purpose.   Once your policy documents is ready, you may come over to Malaysia and straight to Immigration Department for application process.

PRUmy child. Coming Soon. Insurance for baby

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PRUmy child provides you a peace of mind knowing that all you hopes, wishes, and dreams for your child are well secured. It gives you:

# First-of-its-kind plan that offer cover during pregnancy and infancy period
# A complete protection for every stage of your childs life even before birth
# Provides additional protection for parent to ensure child will continue to enjoy uninterrupted protection and benefits should unfortunate event happen to the parent.
# Plant a seed towards secure education fund for your child

*coming soon

To request the brochure, please click → Leave a Comment below and state your request