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Please ensure your medical card is Guaranteed Renewal!

Not all medical card is the same. The most important feature is Guaranteed Renewal Card.

Why? There are medical cards which are not guaranteed renewal. The meaning is, your card didnt guarantee to cover you for the rest of your life.

Non guaranteed medical card will require you to do medical checkup upon renewal. If you health is not good, then you cant continue. What! You need the card when you are not healthy, but you are really not healthy, the company didn’t accept you anymore. Plus, when you are not healthy, there are no more insurance company will accept you.

So, please make wise choice in Medical Card. Please choose Prudential Medical Card. Because we cover you till the rest of your life (*depend on the plan 70,80 or 100 years old)

Every year is automatic renewal and no medical checkup required. Get your medical card today! Only healthy person can apply for the card. Get it now before too late.