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In the Womb airs on National Geographic (Astro channel 553). PRUmychild

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In conjunction with the launch of PRUmy child, the latest child insurance plan that provides protection for a child before he or she is born, this insurer is partnering National Geographic to bring back the highly-acclaimed documentary.

It chronicles the incredible transformation of a baby from a single cell to a complex, self-sustaining organism.

In the Womb airs on National Geographic (Astro channel 553) on May 1 at 5pm, and May 2 at noon.

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In addition, catch the premiere episode of In the Womb: Identical Twins also sponsored by Prudential on May 5 (Wednesday) at 10pm, with repeats on May 8 at 5pm and May 9 at noon on the same channel.

PAMB director of brand and communications Fiona Liao said: “Our partnership with National Geographic in sponsoring this documentary is driven by the same conviction as PRUmy child – that every parent’s love for their children begins at the very first heart beat in the womb. We hope that parents, especially expectant parents, will enjoy what they see.”

Fox International Channels marketing director Nini Yusof said: “National Geographic has always invited viewers to be curious through its cutting-edge programming.

In The Womb is an example that explores the science behind humanity and life.“