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NEW!! PruClinic Care Card………………….

PRUclinic care

A medical card that gives you the basic healthcare that you deserve.

What is PRUclinic care?
PRUclinic care is a regular premium investment-linked medical rider which covers medical expenses incurred at any of our panel general practitioner clinics.
  1. Great convenience – With so many panel clinics nationwide, you’ll always find a clinic near your area! Please click here to locate your nearest clinic.
  2. Cashless claims process – Making a claim has never been easier. Using this medical card, your visit to the panel clinic to completely cashless – no coinsurance or deductibles!
  3. High benefit amount – PRUclinic care covers your medical cost at any panel GP clinics for up to RM1,500 per year!
  4. 24-hour support – our dedicated call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How can I take up PRUclinic care?
You can take up PRUclinic care when you purchase any of our PRUhealth or PRUflexi med plans.
How long is this benefit valid?
PRUclinic care will cover your clinical needs for two years. Premiums are payable throughout the duration of the plan.
Who can Apply?
This plan is for those who are aged between 1-60 years old next birthday.
How much premium do I need to pay?
Please refer to the table above for our affordable premiums!

Introducing Pru Flexi Med!

PruFlexi Med Schedule of Benefits

Hot off the shelf, Prudential recently launched its latest medical rider, PruFlexi Med, that can be attached to PruLink One or PruLife Ready investment-linked policies. PruFlexi Med is another alternative medical plan to the existing PruHealth medical rider. In fact, both PruHealth and PruFlexi Med are pretty similar in terms of coverage.

So, what is PruFlexi Med medical rider all about? The list below briefly summarize the features of this new medical rider:

  1. Highly customizable medical plan to suit your medical needs – in terms of the daily room & board rate and annual limit.
  2. No co-insurance, but can opt for zero or RM300 deductible.
  3. No more 10% payment/penalty if exceed room & board (R & B) rate – if you stay in the room with higher than your R & B rate, you only need to top up the difference. If you stay in a room with lower R & B rate, Prudential will reimburse you the difference.
  4. Lifetime limit = 20x annual limit.
  5. If compared to PruHealth, PruFlexi Med has higher ICU coverage (60d) and pre-hospitalization treatment days (90d).

Simplified as below:

Schedule of Benefits: PruFlexi Med
. Type of medical plan: ILP Medical Rider
. Room rate: To be decided on purchase.
Min: 100/d (can increase multiple of 50/d)
Max: 400/d
. Room & Board (R & B) (days) 120
. ICU (days) 60
. Pre-hospitalization Treatment (days) 90
. Post-hospitalization Treatment (days) 90
. Emergency Accidental Out-patient Limit 2% of annual limit
. Emergency Accidental Out-patient (days) Subject to annual limit
. Home Nursing Care 180 days/lifetime. As charged.
. Kidney Dialysis As charged
. Cancer Treatment As charged
. Miscellaneous Highly customizable plan.

If you stay in a room with lower R & B rate, the difference will be refunded to you.

If you stay in a room with higher R & B rate, you just have to pay the difference.

. Annual Limit Min: 50,000 (can increase multiple of 10,000)
Max: 200,000
. Lifetime Limit 20x annual limit
. Co-insurance No co-insurance, but can opt for zero or 300 deductible

Prudential Malaysia Critical Illness Claim – Kidney Failure

RM50,000 Critical Illness claim due to kidney failure. Plus, receiving RM5000 income yearly under Crisis Cover Income protection.

Here the cheque proof.

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Plus! The insurance premium is waived under PRUpayor protection plan. Policy holder waived from paying the premium until age of 80. You got the protection but no more payment taken from you.

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Diarrhea and High Fever – Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card’s Claim

My client age 5 months admitted to the hospital (Hospital Pusrawi KL) . Based on the medical report the doctor declare it as Diarrhea and High Fever.

Claim made the next day after discharge. And claim’s cheque received on 6 September 2010. Waiting time is 15 days.

How much money should leave for your family? PruBSN Protect Plus

How much money should leave for your family? PruBSN Protect Plus

There are so many ways and formula to calculate on how much Sum Assured do you need for your life insurance. Asset value, liability value and etc.

But end of the day how much budget do you have to pay the premium.

The premium must be affordable and the plan must be adequate. Not too little

I created a simple empirical method for Sum Assured. * this applicable to person with income less than RM200K annually.

The step as below

1. RM50K

2. RM100K

4. RM300K

5. RM500K

As your agent to do quotation of how much for each Sum Assured and you select which one is suitable for your budget.

But remember! You must upgrade your plan accordingly till you reach Rm500K Sum Assured. Reach RM500K, then you will have peace of mind knowing that you have RM500K emergency fund for your family.

I recommend PruBSN Protect Plus. Why? Because PruBSN Protect Plus is an auto upgrade plan for every 3 years with level premium. No extra cost even though your Sum Assured increased. The plan coverage is up to 80 years old.

Im going to be 26 years old next year. I sign up PruBSN Protect Plus with RM100K Sum Assured. Premium is RM RM3000 per year.

First colum is year, second colum is age, third column is premium and last column is Sum Assured with Auto Upgrade of 5% every 3 years.

But my target is to have RM500K Sum Assured before age 30. I will do self upgrade 2 years later for RM300K and age 30 upgrade for RM400K. I have another RM100K life insurance under investment link plan. So total RM500K.

Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now!

Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now! Before Hari Raya Aidilfitiri. Get yourself fun and cool Bekas Kuih Raya from Prudential. *while stock last

Aidilfitri Promotion. Sign up Prudential or Prudential BSN Takaful Policy with me now! Before Hari Raya Aidilfitiri. Get yourself fun and cool Bekas Kuih Raya from Prudential. *while stock last

Takaful Medical Card for My Baby. RM60 monthly

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My first son born on 14 March 2010. Immediately after name registration with Jabatan Pendaftaran, I sign him up with Prudential BSN Takaful Medical Card plan.

How much the price? Just RM60 monthly.

The benefits are RM50,000 yearly and RM500,000 for lifetime for Hospital and Surgical Benefit and Outpatient Treatment Benefit. This card allow him to get best medical treatment in private hospitals like Pusrawi KL, Prince Court KL , KPJ Shah Alam Seksyen 20 Selangor and more. Listing click below

PruBSN Hospital List

I sign up medical card plan as soon as possible (earliest is 2 weeks after born) , to ensure that he pass the grace period as soon as possible then he is fully covered.

Sign up today doesnt mean you will be covered in 24 hours, you need to wait 30 days before the plan activated. Now I have no worries about my kid hospitalisation treatment!